Industrial & Engineering Products

202 Freezing Spray 200gm

An aerosol refrigerant effective in the removal of chewing gum or wax. Use for fault finding on electrical components and circuit boards.

208 Silver Cote 300gm

A fast drying metallic spray enamel with excellent adhering properties for all touch up purposes.

302 Spray Adhesive 350gm

A fast drying, non wrinkling, spray adhesive for permanent bonding for many different applications. New safe solvent formulation with low Hexane and no chlorinated solvents.

304 Anti Static Spray 350gm

Neutralizes and eliminates static electricity. Use on drive belts, rollers feed arms, slides and guide rollers or in any place where static electricity is generated.

305 Silicone Lubricant 300gm

A special formulation of premium quality silicone oils formulated in a solvent free, odourless aerosol for safe and convenient use in industry or in the home.

2305 Silicone 2000 Silicone Lubricant 300gm

A special formulation of premium quality silicone oils formulated in a solvent free odourless aerosol. For safe and convenient use in industry or the home.

306 Lint and Dust Remover 200gm

A pressurized refrigerant that provides a stream of air for use as a dust buster that cleans photographic and precision equipment where dust free conditions are essential for optimum performance.

310 Fusing Machine Cleaner 350gm

Effectively removes residue from the operating surfaces machines, irons, belts and presses. Reduces sticking of adhesives to Teflon coated surfaces.

450 Stencil Spray 400gm

A rapid drying, permanent waterproof Stencil Spray used for marking and identifying markings onto concrete, timber, cardboard and many other surfaces. Available in Black, White, Red, Orange, Blue, Green, Yellow, Tan and Fluoro-Pink.

464 CoverCote 400gm

Recycle old cartons, cover up old stencil markings and re-stencil with Aerosolve Stencil Spray. A tan coloured spray in a rapid dry permanent, waterproof cover up spray.

600 Superlube Food Grade White Oil 300gm

100% food grade white oil that lubricates and protects machinery and parts. Ideal as a multipurpose lubricant and rust preventative.

606 Aerolube Wd 400gm

A multipurpose lubricant, water dispersant penetrant with corrosion inhibitor qualities for use in the home workshop or in the engineering industry. A silicone free formulation.

800 Brake & Parts Cleaner 350gm

Can be used to clean brakes without disassembling. For the removal of break fluid, oil and other contaminants from brake drums, linings, pads, cylinders and any oily parts. Cleans parts and chains and helps stop disc brakes squeal.